Dora Diego
My Icelandic heritage
I was born in Iceland and I have been living in Denmmark
for the last few years.
Although I have roots here, as well as in Norway, France
and in the United States I feel it is my Icelandic background which is most dominating in my work.
I am strongly influenced by the intensity, contrasts and devastating powers of the Icelandic nature and natural phenomena (be these visible or not to the human eye). 
My pictures express a strong sense of being an integrated part of that existence and not just a view of its magnificence.
And yes, there is more between heaven and earth than is dreamed of in most people's philosophy ...  Being taught to respect having Elves as next door neighbours (although most of us never really see them) is as natural to an Icelander
as learning to communicate with friends and family members who have passed away.  And trying to save money on your telephone bill by using ESP (Extra Sensitorial Perception)
to get other people to call you when you need to talk to them is, I believe, a national sport in Iceland.
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We live on the border of a world most of us haven't learned to see - yet. Sometimes I feel I have been let into that world for a moment...
Try half closing your eyes while looking at my pictures and look for the elves dancing in the light of the night.
You can't see them clearly and yet you know they are there. Feel the immense power of the wind when moonlit waves break against the cliffs; or try finding yet another face in Nature's warning message to the Ministers of Environment - and remember that nature for the most part does not have a direct form of speech - which is why most of the faces do not have a mouth ...
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Look for the Northern lights racing across the winter sky; sense the earthquakes and the rumbling volcanoes spitting glowing lava over the landscape or from under a melting glacier.
Feel the wind blowing over the snow-clad landscape or sense the fire within yourself, using Kraka's ingenious net as a reminder of creativity and alternative thinking. (16039 bytes)
Hear your heart beating against majestic waterfalls, fight your way through the long dark winters and laugh in the light summer nights where the wind has ceased to blow and you can stay awake forever.

This is one way to enjoy, not only my pictures, but hopefully also the magnificent, yet sometimes not so obvious, lights and powers of nature.
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